Unique Products

Simple (1k) component, ready to use, ambient curing, user and environmentally friendly smart and sustainable products.

FLY Coat - Anticorrosion

A single component (1K), EPA exempt solvent-based system that dries in ambient conditions. The product is made of proprietary hybrid polyurethane resin that hardens through internal crosslinking without the need of toxic isocyanate group. The coated surface dries to several mil thick surface and create high surface energy that can be top coated with industrial paint.

INVESIL - Antimicrobial

A colorless single component (1k), EPA exempted solvent-based surface that dries in ambient conditions. The product is a combination of proprietary organometallic compounds that develops rapid crosslinking reactions to form 5-micron thin film. The solid film is transparent, hard yet flexible and can be seen with UV light. The hard long lasting solid surface imparts antimicrobial scharacteristics to the coated substrates that could last for years.

AVIRAL - Oleophobic

A colorless single component (1k), EPA exempted solvent-based surface that dries in ambient conditions. The product is a combination of proprietary organometallic compounds that can adhere to most surfaces through unique charge transfer complex reactions. The solid film is hard, transparent with low surface energy. This oleophobic solid surface on substrates prohibits the adhesion of any foreign objects. On application, the coated object would become oleophobic with long service life.

HERAL - Heat Exchanger

A colorless single component (1k), EPA exempted eco-friendly solvent based surface that dries in ambient conditions. The thin surface has inbuilt conductivity mechanism and does not interfere with heat transfer efficiency of the coated unit. Surface is a high temperature resistant and provides self-cleaning characteristics. Surface can be easily applied inside and outside the cylindrical objects.

UVCER - Photocured

A unique rapid curing single component (1k) solventless surface that can be hardened in seconds with the help of UV light. More information will be available soon.

TRIJAl - Agro Coat

A single component (1k) water-based transparent surface that can be hardened in ambient conditions. The surface is made from natural materials and can be applied on surfaces to impart longer storage life. More information will be available soon.

Corrosion Barrier Surfaces

Industry is moving towards aluminum based products as the metal can be recycled after the end of service life of the product. Automobile, shipping and construction industry is gradually shifting their product line towards aluminum. The corrosion prevention of aluminum alloys however remained an unresolved challenge. Historically, aluminum alloys have been protected with chromate conversion surface treatments or surfaces. The use of hexavalent chromate ions is now been regulated. FLYCO™ surfaces is an environmental friendly solution to protect aluminum alloys from corrosion.

Antimicrobial Surfaces

The exponential growth of human population has pushed scientists to develop a permanent solution for ever occurring microbial activities. Scientists at Flora have developed a novel formula that can be coated on almost any surface. The INVESIL™ surface forms strong bond with the substrate and provides anti-scratch and antimicrobial* properties

Biomedical Implant Surfaces

There is a surge in need of metallic biomedical implants. These implants face severe corrosive environmental conditions which includes blood and other constituents of human body fluids. The service life span of such implants is highly unpredictable as service condition varies from one person to another. The abrupt failure of such implants could be extremely painful and expensive. Flora has developed INVESIL™ surface that can provide corrosion protection to metallic implants and is compatible with biological fluids.

Anti-fingerprint Surfaces

If you are tired of cleaning you household appliances due to ugly fingerprints from kids and guests, your wait is over. Flora has developed a user friendly transparent AVIRAL™ surface that can be applied on practically any surface just by wiping it with wet cloth. The dried coated surface won’t stick any finger prints. The surface will shine like glass and won’t scratch easily.

Anti-fouling Surfaces

Shipping and marine industry is desperately looking for an environmental friendly option to prevent the extensive biofouling activities. The use of tin compounds has been regulated and there is no viable alternate. FLYCO™ Surfaces is an environmental friendly solution to protect biofouling activity.

High Temperature Resistant Surfaces

High temperature ceramic surface can be applied onto engine components and exhaust systems to prevent damages at elevated temperature. Our ceramic surfaces can withstand over 2000 degrees centigrade temperature. If an exhaust system is coated with our ceramic surface, would last longer and perform better. Devices covered with our ceramic surfaces can resist cracking or rusting. Our high temperature ceramic surfaces have impressive abrasion resistant.

Flora Surfaces is an innovation driven company that develops and manufactures high performance smart sustainable materials. At Flora we are committed to deliver safer alternate to the toxic materials. Our world class surface experts are continuously developing new products through their incomparable cutting edge research and development activities.

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