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Marine Surfaces



MARCO is 1k system for the corrosion prevention on metals. It is a VOC exempted solvent based product that can act as surface pretreatment as well as primer layer.

Shipping and marine industry is desperately looking for an environmental friendly option to prevent the extensive biofouling activities. The use of tin compounds has been regulated and there is no viable alternate.

Our marine surface technologies empower marine ships and equipments that stay protected in world’s most demanding sea environments and marine conditions. Flora Surfaces is a leader in offering world-class surface solutions that are fit for purpose and use latest surface technologies.

Through our years of experience, Flora Surfaces has realized there is an urgent need for an environmental friendly surface option to help prevent the extensive biofouling activities in marine area. As there is a need of a variable alternate to tin compounds, our eco friendly solution FLYCO Surface appears to solve the problems of biofouling. We make use of this eco-friendly technology in marine aspects to help prevent them from environmental factors.

Our global experience and excellence has enabled us to meet the challenges of marine surface industry. Our trusted products make us reliable business partner. By working closely with our partner, our company delivers most effective solution after gaining perfect understating of the particular needs of the projects. This approach enables us to develop market-leading surfaces for marine equipment for which we are acclaimed throughout the world.

Our main marine surface products include:

  • Inland marine surface
  • Seashore surface
  • Cargo holders surface
  • Water ballast tank surfaces
  • Antifouling surfaces
  • Chemical resistant surfaces