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AVIRAL Oleophobic

AVIRAL Oleophobic

Flora Surfaces is dedicated to help you stay ahead of the metal degradation crisis with its advanced barrier surfaces solutions. Our barrier surfaces form an insulating and physical barrier that prevents the contact of elements causing damages. These surfaces also prevent the contact of an aggressive electrolyte with the substrate.

With a restriction on the use of hazardous materials, we have developed an easy way out in the form of our newly developed product namely AVIRAL™.  This is used in a wide range of surface process across various industries including but not limited to architectural, construction, healthcare, automotive, marine and even aerospace.

We also use various effective surface substrates to provide a competent moisture barrier. Our surface process is initialized with robust surface and painting and ends with a fine finishing leaving a smooth surface. These surfaces provide stupendous resistance to heat, ultra-violet light and other harmful corrosive chemicals.

The barrier surface solutions we provide have quick drying times. They exhibit excellent toughness and possess extreme dimensional stability. Through our barrier surfaces technology, we can provide a strong adhesion to a wide range of components including metals, fiber, glass and other materials.

Characteristics of AVIRAL Surfaces

  • Single component ready to use liquid for easy application
  • Low viscous, colorless and does not hide the original appearance of the surface
  • Dries in ambient conditions without the need of external heating
  • Adhere strongly with most surfaces including metals, ceramics, glass, textile, plastics and paints.
  • Water contact angle exceeding 110 degree
  • Self cleaning ability
  • Thin hard solid film of approximately 5 micron
  • High thermal and mechanical stability
  • Hard, scratch resistant yet flexible



The product has been tested as per MIL-STD-810, Method 521 specifications.

Physical State:

Liquid (1k)



Shelf life:

1 year when stored in sealed conditions and 6 months after opening.


5 microns


Brief Information:

AVIRAL is 1k system is used for developing oleophobicity on the coated surfaces. It is a VOC exempted solvent based product that can effectively hinder snow adhesion and keep surfaces clean.

Technical Document Sheet:

Safety Data Sheet: