Our Business

Our business encompasses the majority of challenging areas where corrosion protection is required. From deep sea surfaces to architectural surfaces, we deliver quality solutions worldwide. We provide surface solutions that are sustainable as well as long-lasting.

Our balanced approach to serving each project with quality and precision helps us extract desired properties. We have upstream and downstream businesses with our global partners that further make us a more renowned and acknowledged surface solution provider throughout the world.

Our global reach gives us access to new tools that we leverage to develop new and improved surface technologies. We create products by using eco-friendly raw materials. We operate businesses across different platforms, and our services encompass various operations. The main areas in which we provide products are:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Architecture
  • Miscellaneous
  • Healthcare
  • Marine

We have both scale and resources to deliver advanced surfaces. Our continuous research and development process ensures that we provide transformational products to asset owners, contractors, applicators, and fabricators across the world.


The size of the aerospace industry has increased significantly in the past few decades leading to high demand for aerospace surfaces. Aerospace surfaces can also be called aviation surfaces, aircraft surfaces, or aircraft paint. Helicopters, jets, airplanes, and other aircraft are coated with specialized advanced aerospace surfaces.


Unlike normal surfaces, automotive surfaces are a far more complex and tedious job. This is because automotive paint does not display its real properties until various coats have been applied under precisely defined conditions. To take care of this multifarious process, Flora Surfaces have the skills to help you protect your automobiles while imparting the desired environmental balance.


Architectural surfaces are meant to protect and decorate surface features. Such surfaces can be applied on the outer and inner surfaces and include sealers or specialty products. The application process can be done using brushes, rollers, sprayers, and other methods.


We make surfaces that protect produce from elements like oxygen, water, and carbohydrates and increase shelf life. Safer to consume with the agricultural product on which it is applied. Surface made with FDA-approved consumable materials.


Vital healthcare assets like biomedical implants often have to withstand relentless environmental conditions. This includes the damage done by blood and body fluids. Hence, the demand for a safe and secure Surface solution that helps protect the implant from corrosion while keeping its properties intact has risen.


The shipping and marine industry is desperately looking for an environmentally friendly option to prevent extensive biofouling activities. The use of tin compounds has been regulated, and there is no viable alternative.

Flora Surfaces is an innovation driven company that develops and manufactures high performance smart sustainable materials. At Flora we are committed to deliver safer alternate to the toxic materials. Our world class surface experts are continuously developing new products through their incomparable cutting edge research and development activities.

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