Message from Management

Message from Management

We are aiming to remove toxic ingredients from surfaces and make the manufacturing process more sustainable so that it is conducive to workers, users, and the environment.

The benefits of advanced and durable industrial surfaces go beyond enhancing the appearance of surfaces. They also protect surfaces from corrosion and abrasion caused by moisture and other potentially damaging substances while extending the lifecycle of industrial equipment. However, the increasing concerns over the safety of surfaces and paints that degrade over time and release toxic ingredients in the atmosphere call for safer alternatives. Moreover, most paints and surfaces include multiple components that need to be weighed and mixed appropriately. Once applied, the leftovers must be discarded, which results in waste and pollution. To end such long-standing predicaments in the industry, Flora surfaces develops and manufactures high-performance smart, sustainable surfaces through constant innovation and cutting-edge research and development. We aim to provide surface solutions that protect the surface of objects without disturbing their original appearance. Flora surfaces deliver surface solutions that are environmentally friendly and free of carcinogenic substances. Compared to other surfaces on the market, Flora Surfaces’ solutions have a much longer shelf life, are ready to use, and can be reused and recycled, thereby reducing wastage. When applied on any existing painted surfaces, these thin surface solutions preserve the original color of the surface and protect the paint from degrading over time. Flora Surfaces has developed the next generation of organometallic compounds, which are used in our surfaces, to make them adhere to even passive surfaces. Our solutions push electrons to surfaces that do not have active functionality, forming a strong covalent bond with the surface to facilitate adhesion.

The R&D team at Flora Surfaces plays a crucial role in analyzing market trends and developing solutions that meet the varying and diverse requirements of the industry. For example, the team of experts at Flora Surfaces has developed a single-component, transparent anti-microbial coating that effectively inhibits the growth of bacteria and germs on various surfaces while keeping their texture and appearance intact. The entire range of Flora Surfaces’ products is globally patent protected, and many of them are tested by the U.S. Army and U.S. Navy. Following an innovation-first approach, Flora Surfaces recently developed a novel, rapid-curing scratch-resistant coating for plastic substrates. Moving ahead, the company is on a mission to extend its services to diverse industries, including healthcare, automotive, and transportation.

Atul Tiwari

Chief Executive Officer

Flora Surfaces is an innovation driven company that develops and manufactures high performance smart sustainable materials. At Flora we are committed to deliver safer alternate to the toxic materials. Our world class surface experts are continuously developing new products through their incomparable cutting edge research and development activities.

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