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FLYCO - Anticorrosion Surface

FLYCO - Anticorrosion Surface

A single component (1K), EPA exempt solvent-based system that dries in ambient conditions. The product is made of proprietary hybrid polyurethane resin that hardens through internal crosslinking without the need of toxic isocyanate group. The coated surface dries to several mil thick surface and create high surface energy that can be top coated with industrial paint.

This product has exceptional anti corrosion, anti-abrasion, adhesive, etc. properties and can be used on metal, plastic, etc. surfaces to provide excellent protection against corrosion, abrasion, erosion, etc.

It requires minimal surface preparation, removal of rust, sandblasting, sanding, acid etch, solvent cleaning, washing etc. and can be easily applied using brush, roller, spray to a thickness of 25 mils in one coat.

Typical applications include direct to metal contact, in the markets such as corrosion protection in aviation, power, mining etc.

Product is ready to use and is available in liquid form in pints, quarts, gallons sizes.



Specification :

The product has been tested as per AMS 3175 specifications.

Physical State :


Appearance :

Clear or tint. Transparent

Shelf life :

1 year when stored in sealed conditions and 6 months after opening.


10 - 200 micron



Brief Information:

FLY Coat is 1k system for the corrosion prevention on metals. It is a VOC exempted solvent based product that can act as surface pretreatment as well as primer layer.

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