Videos And Presentations

Videos And Presentations

AVIRAL Anti-graffiti Surface

Architectural surfaces are meant to protect and decorate the surface features. Such surfaces can be applied on the outer as well as inner surfaces and include sealers, or specialty products. The application process could be by means of brushes, rollers, sprayers and others as necessary.

Aviral Olephobic Surfaces on Floor Tiles

This video demonstrates the adhesion of AVIRAL self-cleaning surface on synthetic floor tiles. A small portion of the tile was kept uncoated to show that how AVIRAL surface repels liquid in contact due to superhydrophobicity on the coated surface.

Demonstration of AVIRAL Surface on Saturated Floor Carpet

This video demonstrates that AVIRAL Surface can keep the surface cleaner for longer time as sticky ingredients won’t adhere to the surface and if adhered can be cleaned with much less efforts.