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INVESIL Antimicrobial Surface

INVESIL Antimicrobial Surface

The exponential growth of the human population has pushed scientists to develop a permanent solution for ever-occurring microbial activities. Scientists at Flora Surfaces have developed a novel compound that can be coated on almost any surface.

Our anti-microbial surfaces are developed in order to inhibit the growth of bacteria and germs on various surfaces. Healthcare is the industry with the greatest demands for such surfaces, and we serve the right solutions to make assets germ free.

Our INVESIL™ surface solution is clinically proven to prevent the surface from microbial activities. The new formula is used to coat almost any rough or smooth surface. The INVESIL™ compound forms a strong bond with its substrate and offers superlative antimicrobial properties to the surface.

Besides offering antimicrobial properties, our services also ensure that components of the healthcare industry remain clean and safe for use. For instance, by surface countertops, door handles, tables, stretchers, ledgers, instruments, and other assets, we ensure that all these remain protected. This also helps lower the level of the cleaning process as fewer disinfectants are used on antimicrobial surfaces.

Our antimicrobial surfaces help avert the spread of disease-causing pathogens. This fact is especially important in hospitals where staff must deal with patients with weakened immune systems. Our distinctively devised technologies help protect healthcare products while enhancing their lifetime.



Specification :

The product has been tested as per MIL-STD-810, Method 521 specifications.

Physical State :


Appearance :


Shelf life :

1 year when stored in sealed conditions and 6 months after opening.


3 to 5 microns



Brief Information:

AVIRAL is 1k system is used for developing oleophobicity on the coated surfaces. It is a VOC exempted solvent based product that can effectively hinder snow adhesion and keep surfaces clean.

Technical Document Sheet:

Safety Data Sheet:

Flora Surfaces is an innovation-driven company that develops and manufactures high-performance smart, sustainable surfaces. At Flora, we are committed to delivering safer alternatives to toxic surfaces and paints. Our world-class surface experts are continuously developing new products through their incomparable cutting-edge research and development activities.

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